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Refugee Week has been a huge success! Every Year Group has been learning all about what it means to be a refugee, taken part in a session with an artist and learnt a song. This afternoon's celebration starts at 1:45pm


Here at Dersingham Primary, all admissions applications are handled by Newham Council.  We are always happy to meet prospective parents but to make sure there is someone available, it is best to telephone the School Office first on 020 8478 2133.  

Please click the appropriate link below for all documentation and information.




If your child will be the appropriate age to start Reception in September 2017, you will need to apply for a Reception place for the Primary School of your choice. You will still need to apply, even if your choice is Dersingham Primary. 

Applications are online (see page 35 of the Starting Schools Booklet).


If you would like any help completing this application, please book an appointment with your Nursery Key Worker.


If you have any queries, please speak to the nursery staff or myself.



Mrs Anderson

Assistant Head Teacher 


When the school has received your request for a place from the Local Authority, we will contact you to make an appointment. This is a time when you can familiarize yourself with the school and share any relevant information. We know that starting a new school can be an apprehensive time for all and we aim to minimise yours and your child’s anxiety.

When registering please bring your child with you and please bring the following:

  • Proof of your child’s birth date - a birth certificate or passport.
  • 2 Documents of proof of your address - a Council Tax bill or a recent gas or electricity bill.


We will then agree a suitable start date for your child with you.



We accept names for the Nursery Class waiting list from two years old but we cannot guarantee a place. We offer children a 'morning only' placement or an 'afternoon only' placement.  Please contact the School Office to add your child to the waiting list.