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At Dersingham Primary School we aim to ensure that all our learners develop their technological skills and make use of technology effectively and safely. We aspire to be an effective and efficient school with technologically competent staff and learners.


We use the Rising Stars Switched On Computing scheme of work to support the teaching of the Computing National Curriculum. This ensures we are teaching the requirements of the National Curriculum, as well as providing opportunities for cross-curricular links.


We are a well resourced school with a variety of ICT equipment for use in lessons. Each Year Group has access to laptops and LearnPad tablets, as well as a variety of other equipment. We offer after school clubs for ICT and computer coding. We also have an enthusiastic Digital Leader Team, who support pupils and teachers with Coding and Online Safety training.


Online Safety is embedded into the Computing curriculum, as well as being covered in other parts of the curriculum.  We have an Online Safety Theme for each half term, meaning that the children learn about being safe online on a regular basis.

Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



1.1 We are Treasure Hunters


Children learn to control programmable toys (BeeBots).  Children learn to log on and off the laptops and to learn their user details.


1.6 We are Celebrating


Children create an electronic card.  They learn to use the keyboard to type, and add images.

1.5 We are Storytellers


Children create their own e-book. They combine images, text and audio to tell a story.

1.3 We are Painters


Children learn to use a paint program to create images.


1.4 We are Collectors


Children learn to find and use images from the internet.  They learn about copyright and where to find suitable images.

1.2 We are TV Chefs


Children create a video – filming the steps of a recipe.



2.3 We are Photographers


Children learn to take, select and edit photographs.

2.4 We are Researchers


Children learn to safely search the internet. 

2.6 We are Zoologists


Children learn to collect data and represent it in a variety of ways using ICT.

2.5 We are Detectives


Children learn to send emails including adding attachments, as well as the safety elements involved.

2.1 We are Astronauts


Children learn to program on screen using Scratch Jnr.  They use directional language to move their character around the screen.

2.2 We are Game Testers


Children learn to create their own computer game using coding blocks. (Scratch)



3.3 We are Presenters

3.6 We are Opinion Pollsters

3.5 We are Communicators

3.1 We are Programmers

3.2 We are Bug Fixers

3.4 We are Network Engineers



4.5 We are Co-Authors

4.2 We are Toy Designers

4.1 We are Software Developers

4.3 We are Musicians

4.4 We are HTML Editors

4.6 We are Meteorologists



5.5 We are bloggers

5.1 We are game developers

5.3 We are artists

5.6 We are architects

5.2 We are cryptographers

5.4 We are web developers



6.2 We are Computational Thinkers

6.1 We are Adventure Gamers

6.3 We are Advertisers

6.5 We are Travel Writers

6.6 We are Publishers

6.4 We are Network Technicians