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Learning Mentor Team

At Dersingham Primary School, we have a mentoring team consisting of Miss Clements, Mrs Patel and Mrs Ullah.

What is a Learning Mentor? 

A Learning Mentor is someone who works on addressing the needs of children who require assistance in overcoming barriers to learning, in order to achieve their full potential.


What do they do?

They can be working both one-to-one and in group settings, to identify barriers to learning and how best to support the children.  These barriers can be wide ranging and often very personal to the individual pupil.


Such barriers could be... 

Personal organisation

Difficulties at home


Anxieties and worries


Relationship issues

Dealing with bereavement

General disengagement from learning


The work of a Learning Mentor could be... 

Identifying difficulties

Agreeing targets with the child

Developing skills to improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Developing anti-bullying strategies

Offering emotional support and motivation

Supporting children through personal crisis and Helping children to modify their behaviour


Who might they help?

Children who would like to discuss their problems and worries

Children who feel they are constantly in trouble

Children who find it difficult to get on with their classmates

Children who have low motivation, low self-esteem or low confidence

Children who are experiencing difficulties settling into school

Children who need help with organisation, study skills and transition

Parental/family support


In Summary

We are not teachers - we work with children who have problems which stop them from learning as well as they could. We might work with children on their own, in a small group or in their class. We usually work with children until they have overcome their problem and we are here to provide non-judgemental support to all our pupils and their families.


How do children get help from us? 

Teachers can ask for our help; children can ask for help themselves; you (parents and carers) can talk to us about any concerns you have - the best time to find us is in the playground in the morning. 


How can children reach us? 

Children can reach us via the Learning Mentor Listening Box within the Year 3 area, during breaks and lunchtimes or if they need us urgently, via their class teacher.