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Summer Weather Warning

Next week London is scheduled to have very hot weather (around 30 degrees). As a school, we will be doing everything we can to ensure your children are safe during this period. Please support us by noting the following:

  • Pupils will be kept hydrated through the refrigerated water that is provided from the water coolers that we have along each corridor. Pupils will be encouraged to drink at regular intervals so that they remain hydrated.
  • Whilst the weather is very hot, the pupils will not play outside in certain playgrounds - ensuring they are kept cool and hydrated.  We will provide a number of indoor activities for the pupils.
  • All classroom doors and windows will be kept open. Air will be circulated throughout the building by the fans that we have in each classroom.
  • We will be placing a number of gazebos within some of the playgrounds to ensure that there is extra shade for the pupils at playtimes.


As a parent you can help us by:

  • Providing your child with an iced drink - water or low sugar squash is fine (Water bottles that have been sent home can be brought in)
  • Ensuring your child has a sun-hat  to stop their face becoming sunburnt
  • Ensuring that you have applied sun cream to your child. Please note: Pupils can bring in their own sun cream but it is school policy that they apply this to themselves. 


Thank you for your continued support