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Y6 at Debden - day one

What a successful first day! 


The weather has been glorious all day - leading to the biggest water fight ever! 


We arrived safely and quickly set about getting our tents sorted - cue pillow fights galore! The children played a variety of sports on the field, sat about chatting and gorged on the array of sweets stashed in their bags! 


The hot weather then inspired an hour long water fight. 500 water balloons later and every single person (teachers included) were completely drenched!! 


A chilled out afternoon then followed - sports, board games & more sweets! 


Lando & Mrs Akinfie arrived early evening with boxes and boxes of hot fish & chips, which we ate out in the sunshine. Lando then played some team games with all of the children before showers, PJs and hot chocolate around the campfire. 


It's currently 11.15pm and the children are MOSTLY asleep! Fingers crossed they stay that way! 


We've got the Langdon coaches with us all day tomorrow so we'll keep you updated on our antics tomorrow.