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Online Safety

Online Safety


Here at Dersingham we are committed to ensuring our children are safe at all times, including while using online resources.  As well as our regular school expectations for behaviour, we also have expectations for behaviour whilst using technology.  These expectations are set out in our Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), which all children and staff read and sign at the beginning of each school year.  All visitors to our school, who will have access to the computer network or the Internet, will also sign an AUP. 


Throughout the school year the children, have specific lessons on different aspects of online safety, as well as whole school assemblies and external visitors.  Each term we have an ‘Online Safety Theme of the Term’ – introduced during an assembly and reinforced throughout the term.  We welcome external visitors each year to provide specialised online safety training to our children, as well as including online safety learning within our Computing Curriculum.  Last year pupils had online safety training from the NSPCC, ChildLine and Specialist Trainers from Havering Education Services.


Online Safety Themes of the Term:


Further Guidance/Advice:

The following websites provide further information for parents on keeping your child safe online in your own homes.  All of the major Broadband providers in the UK have built in parental controls for Internet access.  The following websites provide guides on how to set these up, as well as guides and advice on a variety of other online safety issues.


Miss Griffin is the Online Safety Co-Ordinator here at Dersingham and is happy to help parents to set up controls on their devices or offer guidance on any online safety issue.  Please contact the School Office to make an appointment with her.  Or alternatively, speak to a member of the Learning Mentor Team before or after school, who will pass the message to Miss Griffin.

Computer Games and Online Safety

All computer games sold in Europe are age rated.  This now includes most apps in the Apple and Google App Stores too.  The ratings system used in the UK is the PEGI rating system.  You will have seen the following symbols on computer games:


These symbols represent the minimum appropriate age for each game.  Children of primary school age should only play games with a 3 or 7 age rating.  Parents often feel pressured into buying the latest games - event though they have a higher age rating.  Sometimes parents are unsure exactly why a game has the rating it has.  The PEGI website provides details about all computer games to explain why it has the age rating it has.  They use the following symbols to show the specific content - be it bad language, violence, gambling, drugs or more.

Parents are able to search for specific games and find out about the content of it, before purchasing.