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School Council

Here at Dersingham we're proud to have a pupil School Council. They meet regularly and play a huge part in our school community. 


The mains aims of the School Council are: 

To make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for children.

To make sure that children have a place to voice their concerns.

To encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements.

To make sure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon. What does the School Council do? 


The School Council takes part in lots of activities including:

Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils;

Representing these concerns to teachers and other adults;

Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions;

Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally;

Fundraise for Dersingham and charities;

Being responsible for a budget. 




The members of School Council are also members of the school's Eco-Committee. Our aim is to make the school a greener place and to help the local and global community. We have taken part in activities such as: picking up litter in the park and the local area; taking responsibility for recycling in our classrooms; encouraging children and teachers to switch off electrical equipment; raising money for Water Aid; promoting healthy eating and raising awareness of how to help the environment and endangered animals.

This year's School Council members are:


Year 1


Year 4






Year 2


Year 5






Year 3


Year 6






Farah (Mentor)

Last year's reps were a busy bunch! Take a look below at some of their achievements: 

Bowling Trip 

For all our hard work throughout the year, we wrote a letter to Miss Bezer asking whether we could have a little treat. Miss Bezer agreed to this, so we had a vote and decided to go bowling at Westfield. We also had lunch there and ice cream which we enjoyed. 

School Playground Equipment

Miss. Bezer asked the School Council to choose new playground equipment. We looked through the catalogues and made a list together which was then handed over to Miss. Bezer. 
Once the equipment had arrived we created a questionnaire to feedback on how much the children enjoyed playing with it.

Go-Givers Club
This was an after school club for school council members only, meeting every Thursday. The main aim was to discuss our community and how we could help to improve the environment we live in. We decided on a cause, which was smoking and the effects it has on our environment. We created a questionnaire for parents and children based on their thoughts around smoking.
School Council represented Dersingham Primary School at the Go-Givers celebration event. The event took place at the Resource Centre Upper Holloway. The groups aim is to develop awareness and make a difference in our community, both local and global. We performed a street theatre production on passive smoking and the effects it has on the community. 

Broadford Visit

We enjoyed hosting a visit for Broadford Primary, which is our link school. We shared all the exciting things that we have done throughout the year and, as an activity, we made fruit kebabs. The children from Broadford said that they had an amazing time at Dersigham and loved the roof top playground.  We also visited Broadford Primary, we were very impressed with their school, particularly their outside play area. They told us all about the work they have done over the past year. We enjoyed hearing about their visit to the Houses of Parliament.

The Orbit
Some members of the School Council were very lucky to take part in an Away Day for Newham School Councils and Eco-Groups. We enjoyed visiting the Orbit and were amazed by the view of London from the platform. We also had a boat ride around the Olympic Park and felt privileged to have lunch on the boat.
We learnt about our environment and brought back ideas on how to become an Eco-Friendly School. 

Healthy Eating
We designed posters to encourage healthy eating because it is important to stay healthy. Healthy food provides vitamins which are important in a balanced diet as well as our growth and development.

We sold poppies to every class in the school to raise money. Some of us helped to sell them in the playground in the mornings and after school. We created a display on our School Council board for Remembrance Day to remember and think about all the soldiers who fought in World War 2.

British Heart Foundation
We decided to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. We asked the whole school to support us with this by wearing red to raise money. Everyone donated £1 and we managed to raise £500. We were very proud of this because this is a very worthy cause.

Red Nose Day
On Red Nose Day we all wore red and sold red noses and raised lots of money for charity. The Red Noses were £1 and we raised £300 altogether. We had lots of fun.

Christmas Tree
Miss Bezer asked if the School Council would like to decorate the Christmas tree. We were all excited and happy, we decided as a group to use red and gold. This was the first time ever that the School Council had the responsibility of decorating the tree. We worked together as a group and were very pleased with our work.

The School Council decided to design our own school calendar which was very exciting. We drew picture to represent each month and thought it would be good idea to add some famous quotes and our own messages. Each class was given a calendar to put in their own class room. We play a very important role as School Council Rep’s and we believe it is important to set a good example for the rest of the school. Just like the school, we also have rules and aims to follow.

School Council Badge
In School Council we decided to design a new School Council badge. Everyone contributed by drawing a design which they wanted as a badge. We had a fair vote to decide the badge winner. When we were designing the badge we agreed that we should combine the house colours as well as the school logo.

Anti – Bullying
As a School Council we decided to run a competition during Anti- Bullying week. This was for the whole school, KS1 were asked to colour an Anti-Bullying poster and KS2 were asked to design their own poster. The prize was a £5 gift voucher. It was very hard to pick a winner because all the posters were amazing. We enjoyed taking part in Anti - Bullying week as it is important and the winners were announced in assembly.