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School Rules/Behaviour

School Rules/Behaviour


At Dersingham Primary School, we encourage a spirit of co-operation with observance of rules leading to self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline. Children are encouraged and supported to work to the best of their ability, take pride in their own work and endeavour to reach a high standard. Children are expected to show tolerance and respect for others, be polite and helpful, showing a patient, caring and unselfish attitude.  

Our main school rules are:

Visitors to our school often compliment the good behaviour they witness from our children.  We work hard to promote positive behaviour in our children and to ensure children are courteous and polite to all.  Our latest Ofsted report (Oct, 2015) praised the behaviour of the children and stated this was "one of the strengths of the school". 


Positive Behaviour

As part of our behaviour policy, and our aim to promote positive behaviour, we offer a number of positive rewards for good behaviour.  Our House System promotes team spirit alongside good behaviour and offers children an opportunity to attend a special excursion.  Children earn House Points for their House in a variety of ways - both in the classroom and the playground.  House Points are counted termly, with the winning House attending the special excursion.  Previous treats have been visits to the cinema, bowling and Chessington World of Adventures.  The House System has been hugely motivational to the children.  Click below to visit the House Point page to see the latest news: