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Secondary Admission September 2018

Starting Year 7 at secondary school – September 2018


If your child was born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007, you will need to apply for a secondary school place for September 2018.  Applications should be made online through Newham Council.  Please speak to a member of the Pupil Welfare Team if you would like support with completing the application process.  We're more than happy to compelte the application with you here in school.


If your child lives in Newham you will need to apply through Newham Council. If your child lives outside Newham, but you want him or her to go to school in Newham, you will need to apply to the local authority in the borough you live in.
Remember, you must apply for a place, even if:

*you want your child to go to the local school

*your child has an older brother or sister at the school you prefer

*the school you prefer has a priority or catchment area and your child lives within it.


What to do before you apply

Before you apply:

*read Newham's current Moving from primary to secondary school guide (PDF) (link below)

*visit the Secondary School Fact Finder​ (link below)

*read the admission rules for each school you wish to apply to

*read any extra rules published by the school if it is oversubscribed (has more applicants than places)

*decide which schools you want to apply to – you can name six

*read the eAdmissions information leaflet on applying (PDF)


 The deadline for applying is Tuesday 31st October 2017.  If you submit your application after this date, it will be classed as late.  Late applications are not considered until all those who applied on time have been given their places.  So, if you apply late your chance of getting a place at the school you want are much less than if you apply on time.