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Year 6

Year 6 2016-17

Year 6 Christmas Homework:

1. Have lots of fun with your family!

2. Practise your times tables & common spelling words (see the link below for the Yr 5/6 words.

3.  After Christmas, we'll be learning about the Victorians and reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.  If the movie comes on over Christmas, watch it!  Try to find out some facts about life in Victorian times - especially what life was like for children.  House points available (in January) if you can provide definitions for the words below!


Have a lovely break.  See you in January,

Miss G, Mr M & Mr R.

Victorian Word List:

  • troth
  • orb
  • cloven
  • subserve
  • redress
  • strife
  • blanch
  • parasol
  • guinea
  • poppet
  • mealy
  • chimney sweep
  • mangle
  • wash board
  • dolly pegs
  • abacus