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"This continues to be a GOOD school"
Ofsted, June 2019

All schools in England are inspected by Ofsted on a regular basis.  Our latest inspection took place in June 2019 and we were once again graded as a 'Good' school.  The inspectors visited classrooms to observe teaching and looked through the children's books to see the evidence of their learning.  They spoke to Lando and his leadership team about how the school is run.  They spoke to parents and groups of childrne to ask their opinions about the school.  The inspectors praised the way the "school prides itself on providing children with a happy, caring, healthy and secure learning environment."  A key strength of the school is the "celebration of its diverse community."

"You have established an effective senior leadership team which has led improvements in teaching. Together, you have addressed the aspects for improvement that were identified in the previous inspection and the significant underachievement you inherited. You have identified appropriate priorities to continue to improve the school. You have set high expectations for what pupils can achieve, based upon your determination for every child to be successful. You focus strongly on academic success, as well as ensuring opportunities for pupils to participate in a broad range of activities which enhance the curriculum. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They work hard to support each other, are polite, resilient and take pride in their school. You prepare pupils very well for the next stage in their education."

The inspectors specifically focused their one day visit around 4 key areas: Reading, Maths, the wider Curriculum and Safeguarding.  Their key findings in these areas are below:


The inspectors recognised our priority work on the teaching of reading and phonics ove rthe past year.  Our learning environments are designed to stimulate a love of reading and emphasise vocabulary across the school, with activities to build that love of reading too.  The lead inspector listened to children from Years 2 and 6 read and praised their confidence and fluency.  The inspectors met with the Phonics and Reading Leads and commented on how well our leaders work together to improve outcomes for our children.  Inspectors agreed with our evidence that progress for pupils in Reading is improving across the school.


The inspectors recognised the work we've undertaken this past year with improving our Maths curriculum.  The introduction of TT Rockstars has supported our children to become more fluent in their times tables knowledge.  The report noted our focus on monitoring, improving areas of weakness and teacher development.  We discussed our strategies for improvements in Maths with inspectors, such as our work with teachers from Little Ilford's Maths Department, our workshops and the improvements we have seen from this initiatives.  Progress in Maths across the school is much improved as a result.

"Safeguarding is effective."

"The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose."

Inspectors scrutinised documents relating to how we keep our children safe here at Dersingham.  They checked staff records, training records and met with our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Rebecca, to discuss how she manages safeguarding cases.  They also spoke to governors and staff members, who were able to demonstrate the expected understanding of statutory knowledge of how to keep chidlren safe.  Inspectors praised the work senior leaders and our learning mentors do with supporting our families.    "Pupils and parents say that the school is a safe place.​"

Wider Curriculum

Inspectors recognised that our curriculum prepares pupils well for the next stage in their education. Pupils are inspired and aspirations have been raised. Evidence from visits to classes and discussions with pupils show that all are enjoying their learning. Scrutiny of pupils’ work shows that all groups are making progress. Such activities develop pupils’ self-esteem, improve their confidence in reading and emphasise fundamental British values. After-school clubs enrich the curriculum.

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