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    Year 1 Team

    Year 1 Leader- Afsala Rawther

    Class Teachers - Jordan La Touche (Class 4), Eder (Class 5) and Afsala Rawther (Class 6)

    Additional Staff - Jasvinder Singh

  • About Year 1

    In Year 1 we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires and motivates all children. At Dersingham we aim to create lessons that are steeped in creativity and spark excitement. We deliver this through a cross-curricular approach where we endeavour to find links across a wide range of subjects. 

    As children move from Reception to Year 1, we begin to follow the national curriculum, through whole class lessons. Children gain independence and the skills to access a wide range of topics and subjects.  We aim to offer a curriculum that is broad, balanced and promotes the cultural and social developments of the students in Year 1. We aspire for all children in Year 1 to develop resilience and foster a love of learning. We use the national curriculum as a tool to outline the core knowledge of which we use to develop exciting and stimulating lessons.

    Phonics- RWI

    Children continue to access daily phonics lessons. These lessons are taught using a systematic and synthetic scheme called RWI.  The sessions focus on reading skills such as decoding and segmenting to help children become confident and robust readers. During the phonics lesson we also teach the children to identify 'tricky words' that we must learn by sight rather than using or sounds. 



    In Year 1 our Literacy lessons are planned around a range of high-quality core texts. Through these texts we work towards equipping children with strong vocabulary and understanding of grammar. We embed key skills through the use of games and imaginative play such as role-play and hot- seating. The children are given the opportunity to develop their writing skills and stamina through sustained writing outcomes. 



    In Year 1 we aim to plan and teach maths creatively in order to foster children's sense of wonder around the subject. We build on children's prior knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts to help better equip our pupils to solve problems. We use lots of resources to support children's understanding of abstract concepts in order to create concrete links to the real world. In Year 1 children will consolidate their knowledge of number, using bigger numbers and gaining different strategies. Throughout the year we aim to develop the children's mathematic vocabulary needed to explain their thinking. By the end of the academic year, it is hoped that most children will begin to use their number skills to solve simple problems using the appropriate strategies and resources. 

  • Termly Overviews
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