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Year 2 Team

Year 2 Leader - Rhea Jackson

Class Teachers - Rhea Jackson (Class 7),  Daniel Stone (Class 8) and Shabill Kiyemba (Class 9)

Additional Staff - Kalwant Kaur & Julie Kinacigil & Forida Khatun

  • About Year 2

    Year 2 pupils are taught a broad, thematic curriculum including values led lessons. Children have the opportunity to consolidate their learning at the end of the week.   

    Children read with an adult or independently every morning when they arrive. We have guided reading lessons where children are taught to decode unfamiliar words using learnt strategies and improve their comprehension skills using range of oral and written activities. Children explore range of genres including poems and discuss themes and make links between books they have read in the past. 


    In Writing, children are exposed to high quality texts and rich vocabulary. The lessons focus on engaging children with the text through immersive activities. Key grammatical features, knowledge and skills are taught in order to equip children for their independent write up. Teachers embed ‘Talk for Writing’ to encourage children to generate sentences and use role on the wall, emotion graphs and story boards to sequence events. Children are taught to proofread their work and edit to improve their sentences before publishing.  


    In Mathematics, children build on from prior knowledge and lessons are planned according to the needs and strengths of our pupils. Teachers sequence mathematical ideas which builds understanding and deepens pupils’ mathematical abilities. Children begin the week with practical activities where they use concrete apparatus and pictorial representations. At the end of the week, children are assessed on the new learning using ‘Learning by Questions’ maths platform online. 

  • Termly Overviews
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