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    Year 3 Team

    Year 3 Leader - Shenelle Markland

    Class Teachers - Rosie Leneghan  (Class 11), Shenelle Markland (Class 12) and Shahadul Haque (Class 13)

    Additional Staff - Bushra Khan

  • About Year 3

    In Year 3, pupils will consolidate the learning they have gained during their time in KS1 and will begin the KS2 curriculum. In English, pupils will begin to use more complex sentence structures, a wider range of punctuation and be able to edit and improve their work with more independence. Pupils will read longer, more challenging texts and work on improving their comprehension skills. In Mathematics lessons, pupils will consolidate their understanding of place value and work on applying their knowledge of the four operations to a range of contexts. Pupils will delve deeper into topics such as; fractions, measures and statistics. Year 3 teachers will expect pupils to be able to use APE to prove and justify their answers. 


    In the wider curriculum, pupils will start the year by learning about the Stone Age. They will investigate how Britain changed from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age and will even get to become archaeologists! Pupils will create their own Cave paintings in Art lessons. will begin to learn the recorder in Music sessions and will enjoy learning all about the human body in Science. In the Spring term, pupils will learn about Earth and the world around them in a Geography focussed topic. Pupils will explore the power of volcanoes and earthquakes and even look at mountain ranges around the world. Pupils will learn about the different layers of the earth and will continue to expand their knowledge of how to use maps and globes. In Art lessons, pupils will look at famous artists' impressions of volcanoes and learn the skills to create their own. Pupils will continue the learning into English lessons where they will read a text called 'Escape from Pompeii'. During the summer term the pupils will learn all about Ancient Greece and the unit will focus on History. Pupils will learn about where Ancient Greece sits on the timeline of World History and will learn all about democracy, the Olympics, soldiers and the life of boys and girls during this time. Pupils will learn all about plants in Science lessons and will get to create their own computer game in Computing sessions. 

  • Termly Overviews

Hindu festival of Holi

During Autumn Term, as part of their R.E. curriculum, Year 3 children learnt about different religious celebrations and festivals. They learnt about the Hindu festival of Holi and what it means to Hindu people and others that celebrate it around the world. As part of their learning sequence, the children had an immersive experience where they took part in an extremely colourful Holi festival. They had the opportunity to throw coloured paint in the air and smear it on each other's faces to celebrate friendship, love fun and the colours of spring.

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