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    Year 4 Team

    Year 4 Leader - Charlotte Hedge

    Class Teachers - Charlotte Hedge (Class 14), Joseph Riste (Class 15) and Felicity Coetzee (Class 16)

    Additional Staff - Sue Clements

  • About Year 4

    In Year 4, pupils will begin to further apply the knowledge they have learnt in the earlier year groups to a wider range of contexts. In English, pupils will look at longer, more complex texts and will write in a range of genres including; poetry, narrative, information leaflets, letters and diary entries. Pupils will apply more complex grammar features and be expected to identify how to edit and improve their work with increasing levels of independence. In Mathematics, pupils will revise arithmetic skills regarding the four operations and will increase their knowledge of more complex skills such as fractions, decimals and percentages. Pupils will work on applying their knowledge of arithmetic skills to problem solving and reasoning questions and will be expected to verbally explain their calculations and answers with more accuracy. In Reading lessons, pupils will begin to read longer, more difficult texts and will comprehend them with increasing levels of independence. 


    In the wider curriculum, pupils begin the year learning about the Romans. They will investigate sources and artefacts to infer what they tell us about life in the Roman times and will work to answer the question - How did the Romans change life in Britain? In Art lessons pupils will practise the 'wax resist' technique and will make Roman Sun Designs on fabric. In Science, pupils will learn about the different types of teeth humans have and what they are used for. In the Spring term, pupils will complete a Geography topic on the importance of the River Thames for London. They will learn about where its source is, what it is used for and how this has changed throughout history and will also learn about the Thames Barrier. Pupils will enjoy learning how to play a range of instruments in Music lessons and will create 'flow patterns' in Art. Science lessons will involve pupils learning about different states of matter and will include lots of investigations for pupils to test their predictions and hypotheses. In the Summer term, pupils will learn all about the Anglo Saxons. They will compare them to the Romans and uncover their ways of life. Pupils will learn about a range of religions throughout the year including, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism and will understand the importance of understanding, tolerance and respect. Pupils will also work on their computing skills throughout the year, making their own games through coding, learning how to create a database and understanding how to use the internet safely. 

  • Termly Overviews
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