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School Parliment Reps had the oppourtunity to meet with the Mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Faiz OBE. Rokhsana came to school following the Mayor of London’s decision to give all primary children in London free school meals. Rokhsana was interested to discuss what having free and nutritious school meals was like at Dersingham and even had a go at serving the school councillors. Rokhsana also discussed the values led curriculum ran at the school and garnered pupils thoughts on it. Pupils had the oppourtunity to ask her some questions.  

Rokhsana Faiz OBE

World Book Day 2023

On Friday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day!  It was wonderful to see children and staff dressed as characters from their favourite stories. 

The day begun with a Reading Cafe. Parents and carers we invited to spend the morning in their children's class. It was great to see so many children reading and enjoying a range of texts with their families. Many children even had the opportunity to read with our furry friend, Dotty!

Throughout the day, children enjoyed sharing their favourite stories and taking part in a range of reading related activities.

Awards for the most creatively dressed pupil were handed out in our weekly Achievement Assembly.


Thank you to all the students and families for taking part in our World Book Day Celebrations!

Dotty, who was born on 1st December 2022, came to meet Teddy during the February half term. She is very shy but also has a lot of energy!

Follow Teddy & Dotty's journey on Instagram @life_with_teddy_and_dotty

Meet Dotty!

And his name is...


This name was chosen by several pupils so we ended up pulling a KS1 name and KS2 name out of a hat and both won prizes.

Madiha in Year 2 & Priscillia in Year 6 - well done, it's a great name!


Don't forget to follow Teddy's journey on Instagram @teddy_time_2022



Our new school rabbit has had a very busy day visiting all our parents, pupils and staff. 

The pupils have been continuing to think up some great suggestions for names - we can't wait to see what is chosen!

First Day At School

Someone special is on their way...

We are very fortunate to have a new furry friend at Dersingham. He will be in the school playground tomorrow morning for everyone to meet. The children are also being given an opportunity to name him! We can't wait to see their suggestions - a winner will be chosen in this Friday's assembly. 


The area in which our new friend will be staying is now called, 'The Buddy Corner,' after our previous rabbit, Buddy - who is greatly missed. 

We are fortunate to have participated in many enriching musical experiences at Dersingham. This has included beat boxing, jazz and whole school performances. We have also been entertained by a talented Indian music band that played the sitar, tabla and performed a khatak dance. The vocals were lead by a renowned Indian singer who told a story in a Diwali context.

Music Appreciation


Tis the season to be jolly……. 

It was Panto time for the children of Dersingham as they were treated to a live theatre performance of Alice in Wonderland. There was a lot of booing, cheering and clapping.  

Alice in Wonderland

Fairplay House

Year 6 visited Fair play house and participated in fantastic team building activities. What an amazing way to kick start in to the new school year! Fun was had by all. 

We honoured the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth along with the rest of the nation. At Dersingham, we paid special tribute to her by signing a memory book where the Dersingham families wrote heartfelt messages. This memory book was then posted to the Royal family so that they could read our messages and know that we shared in their grief and loss. Further this, our Headteacher along visited Buckingham palace to pay his respects and laid a memorial wreath at the gates of the palace. Queen Elizabeth II will forever live on in our hearts. 

Honouring or beloved Queen Elizabeth II 

First Aid Training

At Dersingham, safeguarding our pupils is our highest priority, which is why we thought it was an important opportunity for our year 6 pupils to receive first aid training. As part of this, an ex paramedic taught our pupils about what to do if they were to witness someone who needed first aid. Pupils used the acronym 'DRSABC' (Danger, Response, Shout for help, Airway, Breathing, Circulation) to remind them of this. They were also given the opportunity to practise opening someone's airway, checking someone is breathing and putting someone into the recovery position. 

We hope that this opportunity will prepare our pupils for life beyond primary school. 


"I thought the first aid training we did was very important because if one of us sees someone who is in need of first aid, we could assist them and take care of them until the ambulance comes."


"Learning how to perform first aid could potentially save many lives which is why it was vital that we learnt things like the DRSABC and the recovery position."

Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to take part in the Junior Citizens event at the Tate & Lyle factory in Silvertown. This event involved workshops relating to various life skills including: being safe on social media, drugs, animal cruelty, fire safety, public transport, recycling and water safety. We learnt valuable information to help us become responsible citizens and support us in the transition to secondary school. There was even a competition, where the winners were each awarded a medal of honour! 

Junior Citizens


At Dersingham, we strive to provide our pupils with opportunities to broaden their life experiences. In June, we were fortunate enough to go on a residential to Debden Camping site where the children took part in many exciting activities. One of the numerous experiences that the children took part in was tie dying, where they displayed their artistic skills and worked both independently and in groups to produce their finished garments. Throughout the day, children were playing a variety of team sports such as: rounders, dodgeball and badminton, allowing them to work and bond as a team. In the evening, children took part in a night walk which they found very exciting. On the last day, a sports day was set up which all children took part in, having lots of fun. That evening the teachers set up a BBQ and campfire where the children sang songs along with a live band and danced the night away.

At their time at Debden, children ate breakfast together and even helped with the washing and cleaning ! We believe this residential trip has helped children to prepare for the future, building on many skills. 


"Camping was a great experience, it was the best time of my life" 


"Spending time with all my friends outside of school has been amazing and I am so glad to have been fortunate enough to be a part of it"

Commonwealth Games Festival

At Dersingham we ensure that children are exposed to high quality/standard PE curriculum that allows them to shine and parade their skills set in a range of different sports. This academic year, we were really fortunate as since the recent covid restrictions we had not been able to take part in many sporting activities, competitions and events. We were lucky enough to get our year 5 students on a 2-week intense swimming course at the Stratford Aquatics centre. We also brought in a yoga and mindfulness specialist that worked with our ks1 and 2 students on a weekly basis. We felt this was important as it would help the children with their flexibility, mental health and well-being, co-ordination and balance. At Dersingham we have encouraged that student's be more active which led us to also draft in a dance teacher from Freshly squeezed dance who has taught a variety of different classes specialized in dance to our students throughout the whole school helping develop our pupil's co-ordination, balance and rhythm. Dersingham have also hosted and taken part in many competitions with other schools in the Newham Borough such as: Hot potato competition (which Dersingham Primary school hosted), Football competitions, Multi sports competitions and most recently Newham's very own Commonwealth Games Festival which included sports such as Badminton/ Hockey/ tag rugby and para-Olympics (SEND)

This is Me

As part of our Growing and Changing unit we celebrate by having children showcase their uniqueness. This is aptly called THIS IS ME week.  Children are taught the correct names of the body parts, how their bodies change as they grow older and how to manage their emotions. 

The Dome Experience

The Science Dome came to Dersingham and our pupils participated in engaging and interactive learning sessions.  The science themed experiences that our children participated in were- Rec- stars and night sky, Yr 1- under the sea, Yr 2-Light and sound, Yr 3 Rocks soils and fossils, Yr 4 – Ancient Greece and the stars, Yr 5-Ancient Egypt and the stars and Yr 6- Down to Earth. The informative hands on sessions flew by so quickly and our mini scientists left fascinated, full of awe and wonder. 

Jazz Extravaganza

Our pupils enjoyed a magnificent Jazz extravaganza afternoon.

Winter Wonderland

We treated some of our children to the Magical experience of visiting, “Winter Wonderland!” What a memorable experience it was.  They sipped on warm cocoa topped with marshmallows and enjoyed warm freshly baked donuts. When it came to choosing which rides to go in, the children were spoilt for choice. Although it was freezing, the children didn’t mind at all. Visiting Winter Wonderland was a   very memorable and magical experience and the smiles on their faces was a sight to behold! 

Christmas at Dersingham

At Dersingham, we pride ourselves on hosting our “Family Christmas lunch” as we look forward to our families coming together to celebrate and enjoy themselves  as a community during this Festive period. The children and parents were treated to a delicious home cooked traditional Christmas dinner and it was finger licking good! Finishing the Term off with this occasion set the tone for the Christmas holiday season.  

Remembrance Day

In November, we celebrated Remembrance Day and held our very own Memorial service in honour of our lost heroes. Some our children also represented our school at the Central Park Memorial service 

Spanish Day

At Dersingham our children learn Spanish as part of the wider Curriculum. This year we went all out and celebrated in style by participating in a Spanish themed day !The children were treated to Flamenco dancing sessions, enjoyed a delicious Spanish themed menu and completed the day by working on exciting projects in their classrooms. The work that they produced was incredible and of a very high standard.  

BBC Symphony Orchestra 

Year 4 were privileged to have had the opportunity of visiting the Hackney Empire Theatre where they were entertained by the BBC Orchestra as they conducted a live performance. Some of the pieces included :Anna Meredith: Connect It 

Holst: Mars (extract) from The Planets                                

Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C minor - 1st Movement              

Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt      

Price: Symphony No.1 in E minor (3rd movement) 

Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending* 

Handel: Zadok the Priest (bars 1-9) 

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10 - Scherzo (extract) 

Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Mino 

Copland: Hoe-Down from Rodeo 

Freestone: The Hackney Rocket 

Stravinsky: The Firebird (1919) 

The audience were left mesmerised. 


Children from the Brilliant club participated in a residential visit to Spain from 06.06.22- 10.06.22.  This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to experience Spanish life, history, culture and language. We travelled by coach to Gatwick Airport on Monday 6th June 2022   and headed for a flight to Bilbao Airport . On Friday 10th June 2022, we returned safely to Gatwick Airport and were back home after an indescribable and adventurous week. Throughout our time in Spain we had the opportunity to practice our Spanish. 

Some of the excursions that we participated in, in Cantabria northern Spain included: 

  • Picos De Europa via San Vincente De La Barquera 
  •  Fuente De Cable Car experience 
  • Excursion to Santillana, Altamira and Comillas  
  •  Excursion to Santander  
  • Visit to the Altamira Caves Museum 
  • Santander – Town Trail   

    We can’t wait to return to Spain in the NEXT YEAR! 

Visit from an Author

At Dersingham, we ensure that children are exposed to a rich Writing Curriculum that allows them to excel and display their creativeness in a range of genres. This academic year, we were fortunate to be visited by an author 'Venessa Taylor'. Venessa writes books that include a range of diverse characters that children can relate to. The children found the session with Venessa exciting and all were engaged, with some, even discussing how they would like to be an author when they grow up. Amazingly, Venessa also gifted us some signed copies of her book 'Baller Boys' for the children to enjoy during their reading sessions.  

Alice in Wonderland

It was Panto time for the children of Dersingham as they were treated to a live theatre performance of Alice in Wonderland. There was a lot of booing, cheering and clapping.

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in style and commemorated her being on the throne for 70 years. As a school, we had the biggest street party where we enjoyed listening to live music, eating a traditional foods and singing the National Anthem. It was certainly a very memorable occasion!


At Dersingham, safeguarding our pupils is our highest priority. As such, our pupils and willing parents, were involved in a virtual 'Be Internet Legends' assembly, led by Google. This involved our pupils and families learning key ways to stay safe whilst using technology and being online. 


As part of our computing curriculum, Dersingham aim to provide children with broad experiences of engineering and technology within the wider world. Our pupils took part in a 'My Net Zero Community', a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) project run by BP. Individually or in groups, they had to provide a solution, involving technology, to a climate issue within their local community. Two of our year 6 pupils were awarded Primary Runners Up in this competition - we are extremely proud! 


In addition to this, our year 4 and 5 pupils were fortunate enough to take part in a coding master class run by a skilled Microsoft coder. The pupils had the opportunity to experience programming on a range of different platforms, for varying purposes. 


EYFS: Children in EYFS experience Maths through play and the concrete approach to be able to set their foundations right to develop their problem solving and critical thinking as they move on through their primary education.


KS1: Year 1 and Year 2 are exploring the CPA approach through play before they move on their pictorial representations and being able to explain their thinking and understanding of the concepts involved.


KS2: Moving on to KS2, children are able to use both pictorial and abstract when working on Maths. As part of their learning, they have access to manipulatives to be able to grasp the concrete and make sure they have a good understanding and secure knowledge that they can then apply to other areas of their learning.

Brilliant Club

Year 5 were involved in an in-school academic programme which is designed to give pupils exposure to a genuine academic environment and to experience learning in the style of a university student. Pupils worked closely with a PhD Tutor in a series of small group university-style tutorials to study a ‘super-curricular’ topic: Fine art.  During the tutorials pupils completed readings and assignments that stretch them to work at one level above their current key stage, including a 1,000-word university-style final assignment. After this, they graduated!

Our New Libraries

We are very excited that our new key stage libraries were launched this year and coincided with World Book Day 2022. These spaces have been entirely transformed and brand-new books have been purchased. At Dersingham, we understand the importance of ensuring our children have access to great books and a school library is an essential part of this.

Halloween Disco

The Key Stage 1 Halloween disco was brilliant! This year the children dressed up in the most spooky costumes that they could find! The hall was transformed into a scary disco, covered in spiderwebs and ghoulish ghosts! Staff and teachers enjoyed dancing competitions and all of the delicious snacks provided. Take a look at our pictures... Can you see Rhea being frightened by a skeleton?

Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day is marked each year on the 27th of January. 

It aims to remember the genocide of millions of Jews and other groups of people who were killed during the Second World War. This year, we also acknowledged genocide in other countries around the world.  Each year a different theme is chosen as a way to honour the day. 


This year’s theme was ‘Be the light in the Darkness’. Here at Dersingham, this theme encouraged us to reflect and think carefully about what it means to be the light and how we can be light in times of darkness. For our children, being the light meant making a change and standing up for what’s right.


Over the last week, our children have worked very hard to create pieces of work that represent this theme.


Islamophobia Awareness Month

We were proud participate in Islamophobia Awareness Month in order to raise awareness to say No to prejudice against Muslims. 

We feel it is important that our children understand that there is no place for hatred in our society. 

World Mental Health Day

We would like to say a huge Thank you for all your support in helping to raise money for Young Minds the UK's leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health.

By wearing yellow we showed young people that they are not alone with their mental health.

The children and staff brightened up the day by wearing yellow. 

WOW! Dersingham's very own professional footballer - in the making


We would like to congratulate Joseph Bangura on being an official Chelsea FC Academy Player.  A senior Chelsea Academy representative visited Joseph at home today to sign the paperwork. 

Joseph looks really cool in his official Chelsea tracksuit holding his new shirt with his own name on the back! We are so proud of him and hope this proves to all Dersingham pupils that it is possible to achieve great things if you work hard.


The Children's Book Project

Thank you to the Children's Book Project who donated some fabulous books to our school during this difficult time.


These were given out to some of our families when collecting Free School Meal Vouchers. 


This year, Dersingham celebrated World Book Day through the theme of 'Wonderland'. Pupils were inspired by the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland and created pieces of art and writing using their own imaginative ideas. Staff and pupils dressed up as characters from the classic talked and took part in a range of activities including a swap shop and the Mad Hatter's Reading Cafe.  

Buddy. who is our reading rabbit, was named by Hadiyah Ahmed from Year 2. Congratulations and thank you for coming up with such a friendly name!



Four girls from year 5 were selected to participate in the first of three Science workshops, today’s session was about ‘Acids and Alkalis’ at Little Ilford School.   The students worked in small groups, where they had the opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge and skills through engagement in Science. The girls completed a practical, where they had to use Universal Indicator to find out if a substance was an acid or an alkali. Well done Reem, Azrun, Aysha and Amirah!


On Saturday 25th January 2020, 9 children from years 5 and 6 represented Dersingham Primary School in the First Lego League Newham Regional Tournament. The children had to compete in a Robot challenge where they had to program the Lego robot they had built to complete a number of missions in their Lego city. In addition to this, they had to identify a problem in Newham and create a solution which they then presented to a panel of judges. The children stunned us with how well they performed at the competition and by how much they had learnt through the process. This was made even better by WINNING the Newham Regional Tournament! Due to this success, we have been invited to represent Newham and compete in the Finals in Bristol on the 22nd February 2020!



It's that time of year again where the School Council  share their Christmas spirit by singing carols to the residents of Cardamom Court.

The afternoon was spent with lots of laughter, fun and indulging in festive treats.

We look forward to many more afternoons spent with the residents in the New Year. 


This year at Dersingham Primary School, we decided to give back to the homeless people in our local community. Pupils were asked to make a Christmas shoebox filled with essential items that can be used by someone in need.

We had an amazing 81 boxes donated and were delivered to Manor Park Methodist Church by our School council Reps in Years 5 and 6.

Thank you to all the families that have donated towards a good cause.


A Stone Age workshop visited Year 3 on the 11th of December to teach us about everyday life in a Stone Age family.

The children learnt how to create a fire for cooking, make tools for hunting and what a Stone Age home looked like.

Everyone took away a lot of new information about Stone Age life as well as having a lot of fun!


School council took part in the Remembrance Day service at Central Park to pay respect for those who fought in Workd War 1


School Council attended Jack Cornwell Christmas party. 

They entertained the Jack Cornwell members by singing christmas carols and joined in with their festivities.

The children enjoyed sharing mince pies, saying hello to santa and were very lucky to receive a goody bag.


Year 1 introduced their Spring term topic by inviting their grandparents in for a tea party. They had an amazing afternoon full of cakes, fun and lots of music. We were joined by reception who performed their nativity songs and put a smile on everyone's face. Children were also given the opportunity to ask their grandparents questions about the toys and games they use to play with as a child. 


 ​Thank you to all of the grandparents who joined us, especially the ladies from Jack Cornwell Centre, you all helped year 1 start off their new topic with a bang.




A big thank you to all our parents who supported Dersingham with our very first Community Market. 

There was a great sense of community spirit throughout the day, where children and parents enjoyed the various activities.

The parent stalls were a huge success which gave them the opportunity to show case their individual skills and talent.

We look forward to our next Community Market which undoubtedly will be even bigger and better. 





As part of Code Week 2019, Dersingham Primary School took part in a Cake and Code Afternoon. Children from every year group were joined by their parents to learn how to code whilst eating cake! This was an exciting afternoon with lots learnt by both children and their parents. If you want to join in with Code Week 2019 head to the 'Busy Things' website, use your school login and get coding!





On Thursday 3rd October, Dersingham Primary School celebrated their 1 year anniversary of becoming a Rights Respecting School. The School Council Representatives and Prefects collected donations in the playground and raised a total of £218 - which we are incredible thankful for. This money will be donated to the amazing charity - UNICEF. 

As well as raising money, the children were given the opportunity to experience food from around the world - prepared by our talented kitchen staff. 

Thank you for your support!


Dersingham is proud to announce that we have raised an amazing £530 for Macmillan. 
Thank you for your support and generosity. 
The children enjoyed decorating the cakes.


On Monday the 9th of September, Class 15 was able to experience the beauty and history of Whitechapel. On our adventure, we passed by many delicious curry houses, saw  the Guinness book of world records ‘Whitechapel Bell Foundry’ (famous for being the oldest manufacturing company in all of the UK, and also making the bell for the Big Ben) and finished off our visit in Atlab Ali park where we learnt from the past and the importance of equality.


Congratulation to twelve, year five pupils that have graduated from the Brilliant Club at Oxford University on Monday 8th July 2019.  The Brilliant Club is an award-winning university access charity that works with schools and universities across the UK. The Scholars Programme recruits, trains and places doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in schools to deliver programmes of university-style tutorials, which were supplemented by two university trips. Congratulations: Aliya (17), Rafaela (17), Zuhaib (17), Antoinette (17), Kauser (18), Malaika (19), Loucas (19), Tarek (18), Nazim (18), Asia (19), Deivis (17) and Geenley (19)!

ofsted - "This continues to be a good school."

We're so pleased to share our recent Ofsted report from June 2019.  The inspection team spent a day here at Dersingham talking to senior leaders, parents and children about all of the great work we do here at school.  The inspectors commented on how much progress Lando and his team have made from the difficult place the school was in previously.  Progress for pupils has improved across the school.

"You have set high expectations for what pupils can achieve, based upon your determination for every child to be successful. You focus strongly on academic success, as well as ensuring opportunities for pupils to participate in a broad range of activities which enhance the curriculum. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They work hard to support each other, are polite, resilient and take pride in their school. You prepare pupils very well for the next stage in their education."

See below for the full report:



The Early Years took advantage of the hot weather we had recently and enjoyed splash day!

The children had a fantastic time exploring water play in a variety of ways and it truly was a wet, wild and unforgettable day!


School council celebrated the end of year by having a tea party with the residents of Cardamom Court.
It was a lovely afternoon sharing good food and pleasant company.
The residents were very happy and commented on how they thoroughly enjoy working with the children at Dersingham Primary.


The workshop was led by Chris Grandison. Chris has been a teacher in Newham since 2005. He studied psychology, focusing on violent crime in London, at Brunel University.

In response to the knife crime problem over the past year, Chris has been delivering workshops about risky behaviour and violent criminality to parents and teachers in Newham. 


Well done to all the children for doing amazing during our annual Sports Day event! We all had a great time and really enjoyed having our parents and community together for the special occasion. Congratulations to children who are in Yellow house for winning first place – our shiny, brand new trophy will be passed around weekly to each class so children can enjoy the bragging rights of winning. A massive well done to all the finalists and winners of the race too. Finally, parents, you were very challenging during the tug of war – well done for participating but you can bet that teachers will be training very hard for next year's competition!


Congratulations to Raif Ahmed as he joined London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan at the UCL East campus site and five other local schools as they buried a time capsule symbolising the huge impact the project will have on the capital’s future generations. Pupils needed to write about an everyday item that, in 100 years, people will want to study because the item has already significantly changed people’s daily lives or an item which has the potential to change or improve the way people will work, study, perform or live in the future. Judges had the difficult decision of choosing only 6 pupil’s items to go into the capsule, items such as: Loom Bands (Thasnia Jahan) Keys (Habibullah Abbas Khan), plastic (Sehrish Sethi) and a newspaper (Farhan Molla). However, the winning item from Dersingham School was Raif’s submission of a pen! Go Dersingham!!


As we approached the end of the summer term, the School Council organised a fundraiser sleepover to raise money for Richard House Hospice. Richard House Children’s Hospice is based in East London, provides palliative care to children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions across London. The children had a jam-packed evening with various activities such as pie the teacher, face painting, Heena, penalty shot out and many more. The children eventually fell asleep after midnight.

We are proud to announce that we raised an amazing £500 for such a worthy cause.


On June 14th 2019, Year 4 took part in writing competition where they had to come up with an idea for an item to that they would bury on the East Bank. Thinking creatively, pupils had to write up to 200 words on the item that they thought would good to bury in the time capsule. Some children wrote about items that may have potential to change or improve the way people will work, perform, play or even live in the future; other pupils wrote about items that they thought people in the future would want to study.  Well done to Farhan (class 14), Habibullah (class 15), Thasnia (class 15), Raif (class 15) and Sehrish (class 15) who creatively wrote about items such as: current newspapers, keys, loom bands, pen and plastic and justified their choice using persuasive language.  All schools who enter the competition have entered into a prize draw to win 30 tickets to go down the ArcelorMittal Orbit slide. One winner from each borough and will get the chance to record the story behind the item and bury it on site with the Mayor of London at the East Bank ground breaking. Good luck Dersingham!


On Friday 24thMay, Dersingham celebrated London History Day – an annual celebration of London’s extraordinary heritage and history. This year's theme was local heroes - we were amazed by all the different types of heroes that the children dressed up as - from doctors, to police officers, firefighters and even a few activists made their way into the school.  Each class had to choose a 'best dressed'. The costumes were then judged and one winner from each year group was chosen. The children will find out who the winners are after half term. 

The children spent the day learning about all different types of historic people from London. They then created a piece of writing fitting in with the theme of the day.


Painting colourful stain glass windows, creating a majestic garden diorama and producing an eye-catching banner were just a few of the exciting activities year four participated in at Manor Park Christian Centre. The Easter Experience educational visit was an excellent way to enrich the learning that has taken place in class and ask more questions. After the visit, the pupils produced an excellent piece of writing explaining why Christians celebrate Easter today!


On Tuesday 19th March, we held a Rights Respecting Art Gallery to showcase all of the amazing art work that the children had completed during their Art Day earlier in the term. It was great to see so many family members turn up to show their support. 

Through the generosity of so many, we managed to raise a lot of money to go towards art resources for the children at Dersingham. 

Thank you!


Session 2

What an exciting day! We learnt so much about energy. We learnt what energy is, how we use energy and also how food gives us energy. Then Mr Obembe conduct an experiment with a Jelly Baby! I set up the apparatus, such as the test tube, tweezers and a bunsen burner. To start we put water in the test tube. We held the crisp in the flame and as soon as it’s alight we held it directly under the test tube with tweezers. The crisps with the highest fat content had the highest amount of released energy! My favourite part, was burning the crisp with fire and I bet that Haleema, Shohana and Olta had fun too!  
Written by: Iffah Class 17


After an inspiring creative writing experience at Arvon, Dersingham hosted an exhibition to showcasing the pupil’s writing. The event included a series of live readings throughout the evening, pupils expressing how the retreat inspired their writing and also how it helped them to learn how to make new friendships and. On the evening, we also had special guest Angela Moore visit the exhibition; Angela is a member of Arvon's development team who helped to secure funds for our week at Arvon.  The Arvon Creative Writing Exhibition is particularly special event, as it allowed our CPD Schools Federation’s parents and pupils from Dersingham and Central Park to come together and celebrate success together.  


Well done Dersingham for taking part in the Basketball Tournament! Congratulations Ashanti Rakin, Lucien, Tarek, Rayan, Abraham, Haddy, Olta, Rafaela, Macy, Miran and Uzair. The twelve girls and two boys from years 5 and 6 showed great perseverance and sportsmanship at the TTLT Basketball Tournament. On the day of the tournament, the children showed up with a positive attitude and were eager to arrive at NewVic and try their best. When we arrived, we found out that in our league there were seven other schools. We began playing each team to the best of our ability. We had some great games and a few others that forced us to rethink our strategy. We made sure all children had a chance to take part and encouraged teamwork. Dersingham worked together as one and no matter what the results were after each game, we remained focussed and enjoyed the experience. At the end of the league, the winners were announced and we came 3rd place. Considering we only had one practise as a whole team, we were all proud of ourselves for representing Dersigham and displaying our school values.


Session 1

We went to Little Ilford to learn about acids and alkalis. Acids and alkalis are solutions that are sometimes dangerous. Acids can be the liquid of a fruit, for example: oranges, lemons and limes. Mr. Obembe, the science teacher, then did an experiment by putting potassium in the water. The potassium reacted by popping and purple sparks went flaring! Afterwards, we had to conduct our own experiment, the task was to make the colours of a rainbow using acids and alkalis and universal indicator. I was so excited when we actually made the colours of the rainbow! Iffah, Haleema, Shohana and I worked so hard and I am so proud of myself and the rest of the girls. GO SCIENCE!  
Written by: Olta Class 18


During our Rights Respecting Art Day, all children across the school learned about one article from the rights respecting schools criteria. Each year group expressed this article through 

Reception - The children in reception looked at Articles 2 and 15 which discuss discrimination and friendship. The children in reception did finger painting using different skin tones and created pieces of artwork showing themselves with their friends who have different skin colours, religions and cultures to them to show that we don't discriminate against others.

Year 1 - Article 24 - The right to a healthy lifestyle - The children looked at different fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet and cut them open to see what shapes were inside and how they could use these in their art. Once the fruit dried, the children created patterns by printing their chosen fruits and vegetables onto paper.

Year 2 - Article 7 - The right to a name - The children looked at different geometric shapes and how they could create the letters of their name through shapes. They then used lollysticks, match sticks and pipe cleaners and created a colourful hanging name plate to show their name through geometric shapes.

Year 3 - Article 30 - The right to your culture, language and religion - The children looked at different cultures from Mexico, China and some countries in Africa. They looked at how these different artistic patterns from these cultures and they then designed and created their own pots to represent the culture.

Year 4 - The Year 4 classes looked at Article 17 which explains they have a right to information about their well-being. This can be in the form of various media such as newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. The children decided to use information from newspapers to create a collage linking to one of our school values "inspiration". 

Year 5 - Year 5 focused on Articles 13 and 14 which discuss freedom of expression and thought. The children looked at the artist Banksy and discussed whether his style of art through graffiti was a crime or expression. The children used their own freedom of thought to create their own stencils, many displaying powerful and important messages, and used this to spray paint their artwork just as Banksy does.

Year 6 - Year 6 looked at Article 29 which states the children have a right to a good education which teaches them to live peacefully and respect the environment. The children learned about different aspects of photography such as lighting and mood. They then went out into their local area and used these skills to take photos of their local environment and collected some leaves and various objects. The year 6 children worked in groups to edit their photos using computer programmes and created a collage with their final photographs and natural objects.


Big Bang Week! What an exciting way to kick-off the term as the new topics are introduced. 

In Year One, pupils re-enacted a coronation day by making crowns and parading around the class with their parents. A great way to start their topic, ‘What has changed since our grandparents were young?’

In Year Two the topic is, ‘What would Sponge Bob find exciting about London?’ So, of course, pupils dressed up as Sponge Bob! Throughout the term, pupils will be learning about bridges, and what makes a secure bridge. Pupils and parents competed with each other to make the most stable 3D structures using spaghetti and marshmallows! Valuable knowledge was gained for use later on in the term! 

In Year Three, class tables were toppled over and papers were scattered around the class by the devastation caused by ‘an earthquake’ Pupils then began to learn about the effects of natural disasters in preparation for their topic, ‘What makes the earth angry?’ 

In Year Four, the pupils will be studying ‘Why is the Thames so important to London?’ Pupils had the pleasure of visiting the local River Roding and also using their art skills to construct a 3D model of the River Thames. 

Year Five pupils had a very exciting time as the ‘Longship Trading Company’ came in to run a morning workshop in the hall. Activities included drama and dressing up which supported pupils with their topic question, ‘Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious?’ 

Last but not least, Year Six will be investigating, ‘What makes the USA an interesting place?’ Pupils had an opportunity to learn about American landmarks and then use their art skills to construct structures out of clay!

ARVON 2019

This week, 8 gifted writers from Dersingham attended a writing course at The Hurst, in Shropshire. The project is run by Arvon and is a chance for the children to work with published authors for a week.  The children got to experience writing in a completely different setting and throughout the week took part in writing sessions with the published authors and got the chance to create lots of pieces of their own writing. The children even got 1:1 tutoring sessions with the authors which focused on how to make their writing the best it can possibly be.


We would like to say a massive well done to out SEN students who learnt the Sign Language for Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and sang Jingle Bells in front of the whole school and their parents - We are very proud of you all!


Thank you to everyone who came out to support our Reception and Year 1 students. They worked very hard on learning lines and singing songs and we're all very proud of them. 


It was so lovely to see so many parents join us for our Reading Cafe, which was Christmas themed this time. 

Hopefully you will be able to join us for our next Reading Cafe.


On Thursday 13th Decemeber, years 4, 5 and 6 had an after school Winter Ball. The children ate lots of snacks and danced for hours - Santa even came to visit them!



On Wednesday 12th Decemeber, over 200 parents joined us to eat Christmas Lunch with their children. Thank you to everyone who joined us. 


Thank you to everyone who contributed by donating £1 towards NSPCC - In total, we raised £253. It was great to see so many children in something sparkly!


Congratulations to Rafaela, Sarah-Jane, Sheila, Yusuf, Aisha, Sarah, Noyon, Olivya-May, Bansi, Darina, Megan and Mimi for coming second in the TTLT Dance Festival last week. The ten girls and two boys from years 5 and 6 displayed excellent courage and dance skills.

All schools were called up to perform 1 by 1 and eventually it was time for our performance. We showed courage and executed our dance routine to our best potential. After all the schools had performed, the judges were ready to announce the winner. To our surprise they decided that Dersingham had tied first place with another school! The final winner could only be decided after a dance-off between both school. Again, we remained focussed and put on our most confident performance yet. Finally, they announced the winner and we came second place by only one point difference. Considering this was out first ever competition we were all proud of ourselves for the effort displayed. There is no doubt pupils had fun and our school values were shown throughout the entire competition.


On Thursday the 29th November 2018, twenty pupils from years 5 and 6 made their way to Manor Junior School for a Maths workshop with one of the UK’s leading maths tutors, Pete Hall. Pupils completed a range of Maths mastery questions which required a great deal of perseverance, as they needed to apply their prior knowledge to find solutions. 



On Thursday, pupils and staff at Dersingham Primary School started their journey towards becoming a UNICEF ‘Rights Respecting School’. 

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children and their rights. In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Pupils spent the day writing poetry, stories and reports on the theme of children’s rights which culminated in an inspirational event in the afternoon attended by parents and other members of the school community. Everyone was also treated to a special performance by the school choir who premiered their original song about children’s rights,  

Head teacher, Lando Du Plooy said, ‘The ‘Rights Respecting School’ award will help our pupils to grow into confident, caring and responsible young citizens both in school and the wider community. By learning about their rights, our pupils will also learn about the importance of respecting the rights of others’.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to raising an amazing £606 for Children In Need on Friday 16th November. The children had a lot of fun wearing their pyjamas and raising money for a great cause!​


Arvon creative writing retreat - Day one


Well done to these children who took part in the Extreme Reading Challenge that the school set for them. They really did find some weird and wonderful places to read their books!


We were very proud to unveil our remembrance garden on Monday 12th November to mark 100 years since the First World War. Our children and families pulled together to create over 1000 plastic poppies that eventually got planted in the ground.



Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, had a great evening scaring all the teachers with their costumes. The children got to dance and eat many many snacks whilst teaching all the adults how to do the Shark Dance!

dersingham celebrates black history month

Last week, we celebrated Black History Month here at Dersingham.  Each year group studied a significant figure, created art and literacy work and presented it to parents at the end of the week.  We also celebrated with a non-uniform day wearing our traditional clothes.  EYFS and Year 1 studied Bessie Coleman, the first black female pilot.  Reception created their own planes using junk model materials, whilst Year 1 created their own with clay.  Year 5 studied Malala - the youngest Nobel Prize laureate.  The children held a protest in the school playground on Friday afternoon where they performed their own speeches calling for equal access to education for girls everywhere.


On 20th September, we hosted our very first Reading Cafe! We were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and support from the parents who attended on the day. It was wonderful to see our pupils take a real pleasure in sharing books and learning about new things with their adults. We have placed all the names of the parents who attended into a raffle and would like to announce that parent of Laiba in Class 19 has been picked to win a £25 high street voucher! I hope you will spend some of it on books!

Please do come along to our next reading cafe on Thursday 13th December and continue to celebrate the love of reading with us!​



We raised an outstanding figure of £700!!
The whole school participated by wearing green and decorating cakes to sell in the afternoon, the children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and looked forward to buying and eating the cakes! We would also like to thank all our families for their generous donations, without your ongoing and valued support this would not have been possible. ​


On Monday 8th October 2018, parents had the opportunity to meet the school’s new governing body members. The Governing Body is committed to supporting Dersingham in raising standards and ensuring we provide our children with an OUTSTANDING level of education.

These governors are committed to giving us their personal time to meet and discuss school matters, monitor our school budget and provide challenge to our Senior Leadership Team. 

year 6 enterprise week - virgin's make £5 grow

All of next week (9th-13th July 2018), Year 6 will be showcasing their entrepreneurial skills by setting up and running a variety of stalls in the main playground.  The children have been participating in Virgin's 'Make £5 Grow' challenge this half term and will be selling their products to children and parents.

The 'Make £5 Grow' challenge aims to teach young people all about enterprise by providing each child with a loan of £5.  The children have teamed up, pooled their £5 notes and created stalls which they think will earn them a tidy profit!  At the end of Enterprise Week, all of the £5s will need to be repaid to Virgin but the profit is ours to keep.  We haven't decided yet what we'll spend the money on but a leavers T-Shirt or Hoodie was a popular choice!

Please support our children by visiting their stalls in the playground each day.  The children will be out in the playground from 3:00pm to 3:30pm each day next week aiming to be the group with the most profit by the end of the week.  Look out for the posters around school and the leaflet detailing the stalls that will be available.  Year 6 will also be manning a refreshments stall at our school Sports Day to add to their collective profits!

Good luck to all of the teams!

Author Visit- Candy Gourlay

Today we were very lucky to be visited by the award winning author, Candy Gourlay!

She spent the afternoon with us, telling us how she became an author and sharing some of her fantastic books.

Candy captured the children's interest at all times and inspired them with her story of how she dreamt of being a writer as a young girl growing up in the Philippines to becoming an author.


After school she signed books for those who were lucky enough to purchase a copy before she sold out!

Take a look at some of the pictures from her book signing.


After just two days, it is evident that pupils have enjoyed: learning how to work as a team, independently make decisions for themselves, and as a result, pupils are becoming more self-aware.  Pupils have been given roles and responsibilities such as: putting on their own bedding, doing the washing up and also making their own packed lunch; incorporating all the skills listed above. On this lovely sunny day, pupils are having a joyous time completing an activity in the morning ANNNND another activity in the afternoon. Tonight will be the disco and Just Dance competition!



Although the weather hasn't been on our side, it hasn't affected the mood of the children AT ALL! Pupils have unpacked and had an opportunity to explore Fairplay House in order to feel at home for the next few days. Soon after, pupils were split up into 4 groups and were told what activities they will be completing over the next few days. At the moment, pupils are either:  doing Archery, Zip-lining, Swinging on the Big Swing or Caving!  As promised, photos will be uploaded onto the school website throughout our time here. Your children are in great hands and are having a great time!  Keep an eye on the school website for more updates, and remember only to call the school if there is an emergency. 

year 4 big sleepover

On Friday 16th March 2018, Years 3 and 4 participated in a fundraising event here at Dersingham in aid of the Ubuntu Project.  Year 4 took part in a sponsored 'Stay Awake' in the school hall, while Year 3 joined us for an indoor carnival at the start of the evening. The children have so far raised £700 for the charity to aid disadvantaged children in South Africa.

The evening started with the indoor carnival event for years 3 and 4.  After a £2 donation entry fee, the children were able to take part in various activities, including face painting, henna hands, disco dancing, biscuit decorating, treasure hunts, penalty shootout and more.  The tuck shop also proved incredibly popular! Probably not as popular as the 'Splat Lando with cream' stall though! ;)  


At 7pm it was time to say good night to our Year 3s.  The Year 4s were tasked with staying awake all night and had been sponsored 50p an hour for every hour they stayed awake past 7pm.  For the staff who stayed over, it was a long night!!  The children had a great time and proved to be experts at staying awake until all hours!  After a hearty dinner, the children went off on a night walk through the dark and deserted school.  Gerry and Anthony definitely relished their role as Dersingham Tour Guides!

Then we settled down into the hall and library for the night.  We watched movies, chatted to our friends, had a few pillow fights and eventually started to get sleepy.  (Not sleepy enough in Lando's opinion!  Only 15 of the 65 were actually asleep by 3am!)  Gradually one by one the children dropped off to sleep - except the three superstars who managed to stay awake for the whole night!

We're so proud of the fundraising efforts that the chidlren have undertaken - the sponsorship amounts have been fantastic.  Special recognition for Pippa for collecting over £100 in sponsorship money!  We also collected many donations for the tuck shop from local businesses, which helped us to keep our own costs low and raise even more money.


ALLLLLL aboard! To enhance our learning in geography about rivers, the year fours sailed along the Thames River via Clipper.  Pupils were able to visually see the features of river they’ve learnt about in class and also made notes describing the famous landmarks along the way.   The weather was great and the behaviour for learning even better! Well done year 4!

easter bonnet parade - thursday 29th march 2018

Although the weather hasn't been on our side, it hasn't affected the mood of the children AT ALL! Pupils have unpacked and had an opportunity to explore Fairplay House in order to feel at home for the next few days. Soon after, pupils were split up into 4 groups and were told what activities they will be completing over the next few days. At the moment, pupils are either:  doing Archery, Zip-lining, Swinging on the Big Swing or Caving!  As promised, photos will be uploaded onto the school website throughout our time here. Your children are in great hands and are having a great time!  Keep an eye on the school website for more updates, and remember only to call the school if there is an emergency. 

Next Thursday (29th March), Years R, 1 and 2 will be hosting an Easter Bonnet Parade and Treasure Hunt here at Dersingham.  

The Treasure Hunt wll be open for Nursery and Reception parents to attend and participate with their children.  The Easter Parade (for parents of Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2) will begin at 1:45pm.

Programme for the day:
Nursery/Reception Parents arrive for Treasure Hunt: 1:00pm
Treasure Hunt starts :1:00pm-ends at 1:30pm
Easter Parade: 1:45pm -2:15pm

If you are intending to attend the parade, please collect a ticket from the front office- we can only accommodate 2 tickets per child.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Although the weather hasn't been on our side, it hasn't affected the mood of the children AT ALL! Pupils have unpacked and had an opportunity to explore Fairplay House in order to feel at home for the next few days. Soon after, pupils were split up into 4 groups and were told what activities they will be completing over the next few days. At the moment, pupils are either:  doing Archery, Zip-lining, Swinging on the Big Swing or Caving!  As promised, photos will be uploaded onto the school website throughout our time here. Your children are in great hands and are having a great time!  Keep an eye on the school website for more updates, and remember only to call the school if there is an emergency. 

update on communication with parents regarding thursday school closure

Thursday 1st March 2018

Update on Communication with Parents about School Closure

Dear parents/carers,

Please let me convey my sincerest apologies once again about the communication issues this morning regarding the closure of the school.  I will always endeavour to keep the school open, as long as it is safe to do so. 

I made the decision early this morning to open the school, after checking the weather and travel conditions were safe on site.  The school website and Twitter feeds were updated accordingly and a text was sent to all parents at 6:40am.  As staff started to arrive to set up for the day, it became clear that many areas of the school were without heating – including several classrooms.  An engineer was consulted and it became apparent that an engineer visit was needed.  I then made the decision to close the school on health and safety grounds, as I couldn’t guarantee that children would be warm enough in the school building. 

A text was sent to parents at 7:25am informing them of the closure using the messaging system.  Unfortunately, the messaging system suffered a huge delay and the text messages took an hour to deliver to parents.  This obviously caused confusion for parents and was a huge inconvenience for you, especially to our working parents.

I have made it our first priority to change the way we communicate with our parents moving forward to ensure that this situation doesn’t arise again.  I can now confirm that today we have purchased a school app system, called SchoolPing.  Your child will be bringing home, on Monday, a letter with your own personal log in details to access the app as well as further information about its use.

Keeping your child safe is my number one priority.  I will always try to keep the school open and have the children here learning, where possible.  However, when conditions in the school building are unsafe, we need time to resolve the situation as best we can, so that learning can continue safely.  We appreciate your understanding with this.

Best wishes,


adverse weather update - february 2018

Due to the inclemental weather, please see attached our snow plan.  We are planning to keep the school open throughout this week, as long as it is safe to do so.  If the weather becomes severe and we need to close the school, we will use the school website and the text message service to inform you.  We will make this decision by 7:30am to enable you to make arrangements.

For this week, there will be NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS.  This is to ensure all children (and staff) get home as quickly and safely as possible at the end of the school day.   (UPDATE:  World Book Day has been postponed until next Thursday

The Year 2 Parents SATs Meeting has been postponed until next Monday (5th March).  It will still be held in the KS1 Hall at 3:30pm.

Should the weather become increasingly adverse during the school day, we will send a text message to all parents so that you can collect your child earlier than the usual dismissal time.  Please make sure that your mobile number is up to date with the school office.


arvon creative writing retreat - day four

Finally the children get to draw back the curtains of mystery and reveal what they have captured over the last four days. The scribbles get final edits while lifeless poetry gets an injection of performance.  Writing pieces are dramatised while the authors convert speech into dialogue. This is a culmination of all the workshops rolled into the final performance. The audience comprising of none other than Jamila Gavin and Roger Robinson, not forgetting their teachers and their peers. 

We sat back and were amazed by the standard of the work being presented. Writers who started out as caterpillars had now found their wings.

Arvon creative writing retreat - day three

Wednesday saw the buzz and anticipation of what was definitely going to be the John Hagley day.  Before we could sit and enjoy the unforgettable comic/poet we had two workshops and a brisk walk through the magnificent terrain. The children were amazed at the expansiveness of the farms and squeals of delight were heard as they ran through the marshy forest trails. 

The meals, which have been of a very high standard, are prepared by the children following prescriptive recipes. The children have enjoyed their Jamie Oliver experience and await the professional critique of their customers. It has been interesting to see how groups have tried to create an ambience in the dinner hall by collecting the local flora and fauna. 

John Hagley descended with an energy level that was electric and infectious. His charismatic style was animated and hilarious.  His antics included: puppetry, ukulele playing, and singing while reading from his own books. The children were enraptured with his performance that introduced an undisputed creative paradigm​ resulting in delightful writing. 

arvon creative writing retreat - day two

The second day ushered in two amazing experiences.  The first one came in the afternoon when then children saw the hills come alive on a nature walk. The scenic surroundings conjured up visions from Gorilla's in the Mist. The children trudged through the enchanting forest, exploding with a fusion of colour, as the Azalea bushes eagerly await spring.  

In the evening, the children sat at the feet of these two great authors participating in their first 'reading.'  The pages came alive while they intently listened to the authors, who read with the familiarity that only comes with the originator. The children's knowledge of the authors was tested as they played a 'fact or fiction' game, highlighting their lives, their books and their passions. 

Arvon creative writing retreat - Day one

Ten children from Year 5 and 6 are currently on a residential creative writing course at the Arvon retreat, The Hurst in Shropshire.  The children left on Monday and will return on Friday.  Their creative juices are clearly already flowing - Gerry has sent this round up of Day One:

Swirling through the picturesque landscape of Shropshire the bus eventually arrived at the majestic Hurst House. Children were dispatched to their double ensuite rooms and settled in comfortably with their partners.

After unpacking, the children met the award winning authors and publishers and their tutors for the week: Jamila Gavin and Roger Robinson. 

The evening concluded with an energetic workshop and the children were more than ready for bed after a long journey.

singing for her majesty - december 2017

Some of our talented singers from Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to sing on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth this Christmas.  The children, members of the Commonwealth Youth Choir and Orchestra, were chosen to sing the National Anthem 'God Save The Queen' as well as a Christmas carol for the Queen's televised Christmas Speech.  We are incredibly proud of their achievements.  See - and hear - their performance below

the queen's christmas speech 2017

remembrance day - november 2017

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, the School Council members attended a memorial service at Plashet Park for Remembrance Day.  The children laid a wreath and recited a poem honouring fallen soldiers.  The children set a fantastic example as role models for Dersingham.  The Newham Magazine covered the event.  See Page 12 here

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