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arvon creative writing retreat - day four

Finally the children get to draw back the curtains of mystery and reveal what they have captured over the last four days. The scribbles get final edits while lifeless poetry gets an injection of performance.  Writing pieces are dramatised while the authors convert speech into dialogue. This is a culmination of all the workshops rolled into the final performance. The audience comprising of none other than Jamila Gavin and Roger Robinson, not forgetting their teachers and their peers. 

We sat back and were amazed by the standard of the work being presented. Writers who started out as caterpillars had now found their wings.

Arvon creative writing retreat - day three

Wednesday saw the buzz and anticipation of what was definitely going to be the John Hagley day.  Before we could sit and enjoy the unforgettable comic/poet we had two workshops and a brisk walk through the magnificent terrain. The children were amazed at the expansiveness of the farms and squeals of delight were heard as they ran through the marshy forest trails. 

The meals, which have been of a very high standard, are prepared by the children following prescriptive recipes. The children have enjoyed their Jamie Oliver experience and await the professional critique of their customers. It has been interesting to see how groups have tried to create an ambience in the dinner hall by collecting the local flora and fauna. 

John Hagley descended with an energy level that was electric and infectious. His charismatic style was animated and hilarious.  His antics included: puppetry, ukulele playing, and singing while reading from his own books. The children were enraptured with his performance that introduced an undisputed creative paradigm​ resulting in delightful writing. 

arvon creative writing retreat - day two

The second day ushered in two amazing experiences.  The first one came in the afternoon when then children saw the hills come alive on a nature walk. The scenic surroundings conjured up visions from Gorilla's in the Mist. The children trudged through the enchanting forest, exploding with a fusion of colour, as the Azalea bushes eagerly await spring.  

In the evening, the children sat at the feet of these two great authors participating in their first 'reading.'  The pages came alive while they intently listened to the authors, who read with the familiarity that only comes with the originator. The children's knowledge of the authors was tested as they played a 'fact or fiction' game, highlighting their lives, their books and their passions. 

Arvon creative writing retreat - Day one

Ten children from Year 5 and 6 are currently on a residential creative writing course at the Arvon retreat, The Hurst in Shropshire.  The children left on Monday and will return on Friday.  Their creative juices are clearly already flowing - Gerry has sent this round up of Day One:

Swirling through the picturesque landscape of Shropshire the bus eventually arrived at the majestic Hurst House. Children were dispatched to their double ensuite rooms and settled in comfortably with their partners.

After unpacking, the children met the award winning authors and publishers and their tutors for the week: Jamila Gavin and Roger Robinson. 

The evening concluded with an energetic workshop and the children were more than ready for bed after a long journey.

singing for her majesty - december 2017

Some of our talented singers from Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to sing on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth this Christmas.  The children, members of the Commonwealth Youth Choir and Orchestra, were chosen to sing the National Anthem 'God Save The Queen' as well as a Christmas carol for the Queen's televised Christmas Speech.  We are incredibly proud of their achievements.  See - and hear - their performance below

the queen's christmas speech 2017

remembrance day - november 2017

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, the School Council members attended a memorial service at Plashet Park for Remembrance Day.  The children laid a wreath and recited a poem honouring fallen soldiers.  The children set a fantastic example as role models for Dersingham.  The Newham Magazine covered the event.  See Page 12 here

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