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10 children across years 5 and 6 have been chosen to take part in a First Lego League Project where they have to build a city and a robot out of lego! Once completed, the children work together to program the robot to complete tasks around the city. The end goal is for the children to take their city and robot to a competition on the 25th January where they will compete against other schools in Newham to see who's robot completes the best tasks!

Have a look at this website for more information, https://education.theiet.org/first-lego-league-programmes/fll/challenge-and-season-information/robot-game/ 


Session 1

Today, all the children were busy building the different lego parts within their city.

Session 2

The children were split into two groups today. Group 1 started work on 'Project Spark 1' where they had to design and build a prototype for a sustainable tree house hotel. Group 2 started to build the different parts of their robot whilst learning how to begin programming.

Session 3

Today, the groups swapped roles. Group 1 got their chance to build and program the robot! Group 2 worked on 'Project Spark 2' where they had to design and build a prototype for an inclusive, accessible playground.

Session 4

In this session, Group 1 worked on 'Project Spark 3' where they had to design and build a prototype for some quick build housing that would sustain an earthquake! Group 2 were back to programming the robot and learning new ways to make it move.

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