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Science Links

Home | WowScience - Science games and activities for kids Wow Science is a website that provides activities, videos, experiments and recommended websites relating to primary science learning. The resources cover a broad range of science topics and feature activities for all primary ages. 


Science for kids | National Geographic Kids (natgeokids.com) Science for kids on the National Geographic Kids website provides scientific facts, experiments, games, videos and more!  

EYFS Links

http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Early-Years.html Lots of Maths and Literacy games. Children can order numbers, count and recognise numbers. They can also develop their phonics skills by playing inital sound games. 


https://www.funology.com/ This website will allow children to develop their crafts skills and will support other areas of learning e.g. understanding of the world. 


https://www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people This website will allow parents to support their child's langugae and communication needs and will allow parents to understand how to support phonological awareness.


https://cosmickids.com/ This websites will allow children to develop their physical development which in turn will support their gross motor skills and will also support their mental health. 


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