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At Dersingham Primary School, we embrace the understanding that every child learns and responds differently. While statutory assessments are part of our educational landscape, we recognise that they do not provide a complete reflection of a child's learning journey. Therefore, our assessment process goes beyond these standardised measures. As educators, we employ a variety of assessment methods to gain insights into each child's prior knowledge and current progress. By identifying individual strengths and areas for growth, we can effectively assess any gaps and determine the next steps in their learning journey. Through this holistic approach, we ensure that every child receives the support and guidance they need to thrive academically and personally.


Core Assessments - At Dersingham Primary School, we prioritise continuous assessment and feedback to support our students' learning journey. In our core subject areas, our dedicated teachers utilise a variety of assessment for learning strategies to gauge student understanding and provide immediate feedback and intervention as needed. Through ongoing observation, questioning, and interactive activities, teachers employ their professional judgment to assess each pupil's current attainment level. Additionally, we supplement this approach with a robust assessment system and NFER tests, enabling us to systematically identify any gaps in student knowledge, track individual progress, and pinpoint areas for further development or challenge. By combining these approaches, we ensure that our students receive personalised support and guidance to reach their full potential in their academic pursuits. We utilise Evidence for Learning to track the progress of our pupils with SEND to ensure that we a

Non-Core Assessment - In our non-core subject areas, our teachers employ a similar array of assessment for learning strategies to support student progress. We believe in the importance of revisiting learning to reinforce understanding, which is why we utilise informal quizzes to help students know and remember more. Additionally, we monitor the implementation of our curriculum and assess students' understanding of key knowledge and skills through pre-assessment, mid-point assessment, and post-assessment quizzes. Pre-assessments enable us to identify students' prior knowledge and tailor our curriculum accordingly, building upon what they already know. Mid-point assessments allow us to monitor students' understanding and address any misconceptions that may arise, ensuring that learning is on track. Finally, post-assessments serve to confirm student knowledge and understanding, while also highlighting any areas that may require further teaching or reinforcement. By employing these assessment strategies, we ensure that students receive a comprehensive and supportive learning experience across all subject areas.

Additionality - At Dersingham Primary School, our robust assessment systems play a crucial role in identifying students who would benefit from additional interventions. Teachers and senior leaders work together to pinpoint specific areas where students may require extra support, whether it's academic, social, or emotional. These interventions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students and are offered throughout the school day, during our breakfast club, and beyond. From assembly groups focusing on pre-teaching or revisiting key concepts to dedicated phonics tuition and after-school booster sessions, we provide targeted support to address individual learning gaps. For Year 6 pupils, we offer specialized Zoom tuition sessions in the afternoons to ensure they're adequately prepared for their upcoming assessments. Additionally, we offer dyslexia interventions, SEND interventions aimed at meeting EHCP targets, and catch-up literacy sessions designed to support comprehension skills for learners in early Key Stage 2. By offering a wide range of interventions, we ensure that every student receives the support they need to succeed academically and beyond.

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