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At Dersingham Primary School we consider mathematics as far more than simply a core curriculum topic; it is central to helping children become happy, articulate, reflective and confident individuals.
Developing numerical fluency prepares children to access a world surrounded by number and problem solving. It equips young people with key skills such as calculating, estimating, observing and predicting, which will be used extensively throughout their lives.


A key aspect of Mathematics is knowledge of multiplication tables.  As a school, we subscribe to TTRockstars - to support our children to become fluent in their times tables.  Children access the website regularly within school hours but also have access at home.  

From this year, a Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) will be compulsory for Year 4 children (current Y3).  This  is a test of times tables knowledge taken on a computer.  Our use of TTRockstars and Numbots will mean our children will already be fully prepared for this check.  See below for a parent guide to using the website at home.  Please see your child's class teacher if you have any issues logging in.


Mathematics teaching at Dersingham

All children are given opportunities to:

·       develop a sense of the size of a number and where it fits into the number system (place value);

·       become fluent in number facts such as number bonds, multiplication tables, doubles and halves;

·       solve simple problems mentally, using jottings personal to them and the bar model to visualise the problem;

·       use mathematical vocabulary to support their explanations;

·       calculate accurately and efficiently, both mentally and with pencil and paper, drawing on a range of calculation strategies and judging whether their answers are reasonable;

·       explore the features of shape and space, and develop measuring skills in a range of contexts;

·       explain and make predictions using graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.


At Dersingham, Maths is taught daily following our curriculum overviews - available below:

Maths policies

Learning in Mathematics is mapped carefully to ensure progression of skills and knowledge as children move up through the school.  Lessons are mapped using our Mathematics Policies - listed below.  These policies show the methods teachers use in each year group for different aspects of Maths.  If your child is struggling with a mathematical concept, check the policies below for the previous steps to support their understanding.

Evi Kalantzi is our new Mathematics Subject Lead.  Please contact the school office with any Maths queries and they will pass the message on to Evi.

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