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  • Intent

    Our primary maths curriculum at Dersingham is crafted to instil a solid grasp of mathematical concepts, nurture critical thinking, and inspire a genuine love for problem-solving. Emphasising numeracy, fluency, and reasoning, our progressive approach ensures a well-rounded foundation. We foster a positive attitude towards maths, encouraging resilience and viewing mistakes as valuable learning opportunities. Utilising diverse teaching methods, including hands-on activities and technology, we cater to varied learning styles. Real-world applications showcase the practical relevance of maths, while cross-curricular connections highlight its integration with other subjects. Our goal is to empower students as confident, resourceful learners with a lasting appreciation for the importance and versatility of mathematics.

  • Implement
    • Teaching Methods: Innovative approaches include hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and technology integration.

    • Assessment and Intervention: Regular assessments and targeted interventions ensure individualised progression for each student.

    • Cross-Curricular Links: Lessons highlight practical applications, integrating maths across subjects.

    • Positive Maths Culture: Continuous professional development fosters a positive maths culture among staff.

    • Communication with Parents: Regular communication keeps parents informed and involved in their child's mathematical journey.

    • Differentiation: Adaptive methods cater to the unique needs of every learner.
    • Real-World Problem-Solving: Lessons incorporate real-world problem-solving to showcase the relevance of mathematical concepts.

  • Impact

    Our primary maths curriculum boosts confidence and proficiency. Through innovative teaching methods, pupils grasp concepts with clear progress. Emphasising practical applications creates an engaging learning environment, fostering lasting enthusiasm for mathematics.


Dersingham Primary School proudly collaborates with MindSpark as a valued partner, leveraging its expertise to enhance learning in Key Stage 1 (KS1) Mathematics. MindSpark, a UK-based Community Interest Company (CIC), is committed to improving educational and wellbeing outcomes for young individuals facing multiple disadvantages. At our school, we integrate MindSpark's innovative approach to support students in developing crucial executive function skills. These brain-based skills play a pivotal role in planning, organising responses, behaviours, and emotions. By incorporating MindSpark into our KS1 Mathematics curriculum, we aim to empower students, fostering self-regulation, resilience, and goal-directed behaviour, ultimately contributing to their overall academic and personal growth.

Ainsley is our Mathematics Subject Lead.  Please contact the school office with any Maths queries and they will pass the message on to Ainsley.


Times Tables

Since the knowledge of multiplication tables is a key aspect of Mathematics, as a school, we subscribe to TTRockstars - to support our children to become fluent in their times tables.  Children access the website regularly within school hours but also have access at home.  

From last year, a Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) has become compulsory for Year 4 children (current Y3).  This  is a test of times tables knowledge taken on a computer.  Our use of TTRockstars and Numbots will mean our children will already be fully prepared for this check.  See below for a parent guide to using the website at home.  Please see your child's class teacher if you have any issues logging in.


School to School Partnerships

Dersingham Primary School is proud to foster a collaborative partnership with the Secondary Maths Departments at Little Ilford School and Kingsford Community School. This partnership plays a crucial role in our comprehensive transition to secondary school program. By working closely with the experienced team at both secondary schools, we aim to facilitate a seamless transition for our students from primary to secondary education. The collaboration with the respective Secondary Maths Departments specifically focus on enhancing mathematical skills and knowledge, ensuring that our students embark on their secondary school journey well-prepared and confident in their mathematical abilities. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing a supportive and cohesive educational experience for our students as they progress to the next phase of their academic journey.

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