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  • Intent

    At Dersingham, we believe that every pupil should be equipped with the practical skills, information and experiences necessary to navigate and understand the world around them whilst also developing a curiosity and thirst for knowledge in geography. Our aim is for pupils to become global citizens with a lifelong interest in the world.

    Dersingham’s geography curriculum has at its heart the key concepts of: place, space, scale, physical and human features, human and physical processes, environmental interactions, cultural understanding and diversity, change and sustainability.

  • Implement

    Geography is taught through a unit of work which lasts for a term and at least one unit is taught throughout the academic year in every year group. Geography skills are also taught in the remaining terms, where links are made with other curriculum subjects. Learning is based around key enquiry questions carefully chosen for each unit. These questions begin the journey and subsequent learning provides the building blocks to answer the questions with developed knowledge and skills.  Pupils have opportunities to explore outside the classroom and also extend and apply their geographical understanding in the local area and through educational visits. Participation in activities such as the Newham Geography Bee, school-based workshops and with external visitors to the school enthuse pupils about the subject and help them to learn and remember more.  

  • Impact

    We have high expectations for geography and teachers have clear guidance on what learning should look like in lessons and in pupils’ books. By the end of Year 6 our pupils are independent geographers who have a fascination about the world that will remain with them at secondary school and beyond.


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