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  • Intent

    Our primary RE curriculum is designed to cultivate a deep understanding and respect for diverse religions and worldviews. We aim to spark curiosity, empathy, and respect, fostering an environment where children develop the knowledge and values to thrive in our diverse society.

    Key Aims:

    Promote awareness and understanding of various religions, encouraging respect for diversity.

    Support children in developing spiritual awareness and personal values through reflective activities.

    Equip children with critical thinking skills to evaluate religious and ethical issues thoughtfully.

    Celebrate cultural and religious diversity, creating an inclusive environment where all children feel valued.

    Instil positive values and moral principles through exploring ethical questions from different religious traditions.

    Develop cultural literacy by imparting knowledge about major religious festivals, rituals, and practices.

    Our primary RE curriculum aims to provide a foundation for academic, social, and emotional growth, preparing children to be responsible and respectful citizens in our interconnected world.

  • Implementation

    Our RE curriculum is designed to make learning about different religions engaging and inclusive for our pupils. We use diverse resources, interactive activities, and cross-curricular connections to provide a comprehensive understanding. Our approach encourages respectful dialogue, skill development, and continuous professional growth for educators. We prioritise feedback, reflection, and formative assessment to ensure a dynamic learning environment that respects and celebrates religious diversity.

  • Impact

    The RE curriculum equips students with a comprehensive understanding of diverse religions and belief systems, fostering an environment of respect and understanding. Pupils articulate their thoughts effectively, engaging in meaningful conversations and demonstrating respect for diverse perspectives. The impact is evident in pupils’ ability to critically discuss and comprehend various religions, preparing them to be informed and respectful individuals in a global context.

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