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  • Intent

    At Dersingham, we encourage pupils to value the idea of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is integral to how we function and carry out our daily lives as adults, and Dersingham aims to promote and encourage this as early as possible with our pupils. We do this by providing opportunities for pupils to experience a progression of skills in various physical activities – here they learn to communicate, compete, demonstrate fair play, collaborate and work towards shared and independent goals. Pupils become more confident and competent and can apply their skills in a range of sports and competitions. Pupils are made aware of how to master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching; they learn how to develop their balance, flexibility, agility, strength and control. In summary, we aim to develop the pupils’ mental and physical endurance to lead healthy, fit and happy lives.

  • Implementation

    In order to cover the broad range of areas in our tailored curriculum, all year groups follow our curriculum map to ensure lessons move through a clear progression of skills. PE in all year groups includes a warm-up, skills development, opportunities for games based application of skills and finally a cool-down.

    Staff develop their PE skills and expertise through in-house and specialist training, this allows them to keep up-to-date with the most relevant teaching practices and subject knowledge in PE.

    In KS2, pupils attend swimming lessons. After school clubs and participation in sport is also promoted, this is organised and run by our teachers and specialist coaches to promote the love of team events and competition.

  • Impact

    PE at Dersingham helps develop physical competence so that pupils are gradually improving their physical ability. Pupils leave Dersingham with fundamental skills and know how to apply them. They can evaluate and improve their own and team performances and have an understanding of fitness, health and well-being.

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Commonwealth Games Festival

At Dersingham we ensure that children are exposed to high quality/standard PE curriculum that allows them to shine and parade their skills set in a range of different sports. This academic year, we were really fortunate as since the recent covid restrictions we had not been able to take part in many sporting activities, competitions and events. We were lucky enough to get our year 5 students on a 2-week intense swimming course at the Stratford Aquatics centre. We also brought in a yoga and mindfulness specialist that worked with our ks1 and 2 students on a weekly basis. We felt this was important as it would help the children with their flexibility, mental health and well-being, co-ordination and balance. At Dersingham we have encouraged that student's be more active which led us to also draft in a dance teacher from Freshly squeezed dance who has taught a variety of different classes specialized in dance to our students throughout the whole school helping develop our pupil's co-ordination, balance and rhythm. Dersingham have also hosted and taken part in many competitions with other schools in the Newham Borough such as: Hot potato competition (which Dersingham Primary school hosted), Football competitions, Multi sports competitions and most recently Newham's very own Commonwealth Games Festival which included sports such as Badminton/ Hockey/ tag rugby and para-Olympics (SEND)

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