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At Dersingham, our primary goal is to create an environment where children thrive, feel cared for, and are constantly engaged to unlock their fullest potential. Central to our philosophy is placing each child at the core of our curriculum, to ensure no child is left behind. We strongly advocate for experiential learning, believing that hands-on experiences, both indoors and outdoors, form the best educational foundation. Through this approach, children cultivate a positive attitude toward learning, supported by a curriculum tailored to their developmental milestones.

At Dersingham, we have embedded the bold beginnings approach, where every morning is devoted to direct teaching of essential skills such as reading, phonics, writing, and mathematics. This commitment ensures our children are both challenged and well-prepared for the transition to the Year 1 National Curriculum and beyond.

A visit to our Foundation Stage reveals that children are engrossed in learning activities, guided either by adults or initiated by the children themselves. We deeply appreciate the significance of early learning experiences at home and strive to forge strong partnerships with parents and carers through the use of communication via Seesaw. Through collaboration, we build upon a child's existing knowledge, creating a tailored learning journey that amplifies their growth and development.

Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through these seven areas of learning and development. These are divided into two areas; Prime areas and Specific areas.

Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
  • Communication and Language:
  • Physical Development:

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.

The 4 specific areas include essential skills and knowledge for children. They grow out of the prime areas and provide important contexts for learning. These are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design
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