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  • Intent

    Our primary computing curriculum at Dersingham empowers pupils with essential digital skills, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving through engaging activities. It focuses on computational concepts, coding, and digital literacy, preparing pupils for the digital age. We aim to instil a positive attitude towards technology, encouraging responsible and ethical use. Providing a solid foundation in computing, our curriculum equips pupils with the confidence and proficiency needed to navigate the evolving digital landscape and excel in an increasingly technology-driven world.

  • Implement

    The knowledge and skills statements progressively advance each year and key concepts are revisited and built upon, providing a framework to deepen and challenge our learners. Our curriculum coverage is as follows: 

    Computer Science 

    Information Technology 

    Digital Literacy 

    Computational Thinking 

    Word Processing/Typing 

    Self-Image and Identity 


    Data Handing 

    Online Relationships 

    Computer Networks 

    Presentations and Web Design 

    Online Reputation 



    Online Bullying 


    Video Creation 

    Managing Online Information 


    Photography and Digital Art 

    Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle 


    Virtual Reality 

    Privacy and Security 



    Copyright and Ownership 

  • Impact

    We promote a positive engagement with our curriculum, urging students not just to understand how they learn but also why. Emphasising reflection and discussion, we want learners to recognise the profound impact computing has on their education, development, and well-being. Striking the right balance with technology is crucial for effective education and a healthy lifestyle. Our approach encourages ongoing discussions between staff and students to embed this understanding. The impact of our curriculum is evident in how students showcase, share, and publish their work, along with regular reviews of their digital knowledge and skills. Overall progress is measured by outcomes and the comprehensive record of coverage in achieving these results.

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