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At Dersingham Primary School, we believe in providing our students with opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills, and have fun beyond the regular school day. We're committed to offering a diverse range of opportunities that cater to the interests and talents of all our students, helping them to grow both academically and personally.

Our clubs are scheduled both at lunchtime and beyond the school day, allowing students to participate in activities that align with their passions and schedules. We also offer a balance of paid and free clubs to cater for all. Whether your child is academically inclined, creatively inclined, loves sports, enjoys cooking, or simply wants extra support with their homework, we have a club for them.

At the start of each term a letter or SchoolPing will be sent home informing parents of the clubs on offer. The children can pick their first and second choice. They will then be informed if they have been allocated the club they want – we will endeavour to give each child one of their choices but on rare occasions this is not always possible.

After School Booster Groups and some other targetted intervention clubs are for specific targeted children; these are on an invite only basis.

Stay tuned for updates on our club offerings, and encourage your child to get involved and explore their passions at Dersingham Primary School!

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Art Club

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Choir Club

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