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  • Intent

    The Design and Technology curriculum aims to equip children with the necessary skills to become a new generation of successful innovators. We want our children to use their creativity and problem solving skills to solve real and relevant problems in a range of contexts. The children are given opportunities to draw on their subject knowledge from other areas of the curriculum and are exposed to a range of practical experiences including evaluating past and present design and applying it to their own designs.

  • Implement
    • D&T is taught three times a year and is carried out in ‘block sessions’, allowing for more effective learning in which teachers can focus on DT skills
    • Design and Technology is taught across the school using the iterative design process of research, design, make and evaluate.
    • Units are embedded within topics to help ensure that the purpose of each product is purposeful and relevant to pupils learning.
    • Skills are progressive throughout the key stages.
    • Each unit begins with a design brief to help children self-evaluate the success of their final product.
    • Final products form a table top display in every classroom.
  • Impact

    As an inclusive school, we recognise the need to tailor our approach to support children with Special Educational Needs as well as those who would benefit from further enrichment and challenge. The children have the opportunity to build upon their technical and practical expertise to produce high quality end products which are displayed across the school to celebrate and exhibit the work of children, of all abilities.

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