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  • Intent

    The intention of the music scheme at Dersingham Primary is to engage and nurture a love and appreciation of music at the same time as developing musicianship skills and a firm understanding of the core elements of music.

    Utilising different concepts and disciplinaries, we aim to drive a love and passion for music and implement real life experiences for the children to enjoy.

    We focus on developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that children need in order to become assured musicians. 

    Our curriculum embeds other subject areas and ties in personal and social (relationship) development. 

    We aim to expose our students to many different genres of music and those explore cultures to fosters a respect and appreciation of cultures around the world.

  • Implement

    Our learning goals are set out through the Model Music Curriculum, and we achieve this with the lesson plan and resource support of Charanga Musical Schools. The MMC sets a clear structure for each lesson based on four key musical skills, and within these we learn about all musical elements required in the National Curriculum and MMC. 

    In each lesson, each student should listen and appraise music, sing, compose and perform. In addition, different musicianship skills should be explored. For example, each lesson has a musical focus, such as pitch, and this would be explored through listening, singing, composing and performing.

  • Impact

    At Dersingham Primary, pupils enjoy music and are enthusiastic in developing their musicianship skills. During lessons children are encouraged to use musical terminology that allows them to critically engage with music.

    The music lessons that are offered at Dersingham are inclusive and allow children to express themselves musically at school and beyond. The music lessons also allow children to develop essential skills such as self-esteem, collaboration, and self-reflection.

    Throughout a child’s journey at Dersingham, pupils have opportunities to perform to each other, and to parents and the community. This ensures they understand the significance and place of music within the wider world.

  • Assessment

    Teaching and learning at Dersingham is a reflective process. Children complete a music passport at the end of each term highlighting the skills they have learnt.

The Innovation Project

"The Innovation Project" is a project between Dersingham and Calverton Primary School, which hopes to open a dialogue between the schools and the parent-student community within them. In each phase of the project, Ten students are selected to work with a music professional over two sessions where they learn the skills, they need to produce their very own podcast. In addition to this they also compose and produce their own music and song. 

We have been working on the theme of "celebration" and in each podcast a parent from either Dersingham or Calverton is asked to respond to the theme and submit and audio recording. The students then work with their teacher to turn this recording in to a fully fledge podcast. 

Listen to all the podcasts recorded so far! 


This project is supported by Newham Music.

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