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We pride ourselves on teaching a Values-Led PSHE curriculum based on values we believe are important to the children of Newham. We hope by instilling core values (including resilience, confidence and independence) our children are able to grow into young people who are outstanding contributors to the world we live in today. 

Our curriculum extends beyond the academic and prepares our learners for life in Modern Britain by equipping them with the skills to:

  • be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society

  • develop their understanding of fundamental British values

  • develop their understanding and appreciation of diversity

  • celebrate what we have in common and promote respect for the different protected characteristics as defined in law.

Through collective reflection in assemblies and discussions within our Values-Led PSHE lessons our priority is to:

  • create an environment where our children have self-efficacy, understand their value and self-worth and are proud of who they are

  • raise awareness of social justice issues

  • develop pupils’ philosophical skills on global, national and local issues

  • enable pupils to understand the importance of making a valuable contribution to their society and local community

  • focus on pupils’ mental health and wellbeing.


We are also an Education4Change school. This is incorporated into our Values-Led PSHE curriculum. Our lessons aim to engage and open minds by challenging, inspiring and motivating children and young people to both prepare for, call out, and challenge racism when they experience or encounter it. Our school is a setting where diversity is celebrated, where misconceptions are challenged, and where equality is the expectation. We believe in equipping young people to be agents of positive change in their schools and communities, as well as in the world where they will have an impact as global citizens.

Visit www.education4change.org.uk for more details 

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